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A Belgaum based production house specializing in Television Commercials, Corporate Films and Film Production.


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ESSEE Digitals is a Belgaum based production house specializing in Television Commercials, Corporate Films and Film Production.

At ESSEE Digitals, we pride ourselves on providing an array of production services. We are a one stop solution for all your TV Commercial needs. We excel in delivering your company’s message through crisp and creative TV Commercial Ads.

ESSEE Digitals is a young and dynamic production house operating at the confluence of this Belgaum scene. The core team is hugely experienced, with experiences ranging from music video to daily soaps to advertising agency to feature films.

Our pool of directorial talent is pretty evolved, creating ads and films that showcase stunning visual effects, hard-hitting performances and full scale animation films.

If you are looking for the best TV commercial production companies in Karnataka, we should top your list. We are a name that is renowned for redefining the visual advertisement space.

The purpose of a TV Commercial Ad for your brand is to create awareness about your product and compel them to take an action. Our creative and production team very well understands this notion. Keeping that in mind, they come up with the most creative solution for your commercial ad which is not only effective but also within your budget.

Advertising on Television

What You Need To Know About TV

Whether you’re trying to reach a local, regional, or national target audience, television is one of the most effective ways to advertise.

Our media specialists know how TV stations operate and how to buy TV efficiently, so you save money. With over twenty-five years of experience, we know how to reach the audience you desire without breaking your budget. Contact us today to speak with an advertising account manager who can help you and your business on the path to company growth.

Types of TV Advertising

Local Advertising

    Then local advertising may be the right choice for your company. Advertise directly to your target demographic near your business’s location. With local advertising, you can target the right neighbourhoods for each location without losing your money on viewers too far away.

Regional Advertising

   Is your business in need of more advertising than what local can give you? Are you too small to benefit from national advertising? Then regional advertising could be the solution. Maybe your company offers a service only to south Karnataka; or maybe you are located in the Bangalore/Tumkur tri-state area and need advertising across all of those markets.

National Advertising

    The national advertising is the way to go – with hundreds of shows and networks that air nationally. With national advertising you can reach potential customers all over the India. With custom targeted and broad advertising plans made for your business, advertising nationally can help you reach your demographic on a unbelievable scale.

Syndicated Television

   Do you have a favourite TV show or movie that you watch all of the time?  With syndicated TV, you could choose to advertise on a TV show or movie that speaks to that your regional area – maybe a romance movie, for instance. The best part about advertising using syndicated TV: Your commercial airs as many times as that movie or show does.

Remnant Advertising

   Remnant allows you to get on the air for less by buying unsold ad time. Perfect for those companies who want to reach the largest audience without spending tens of thousands of dollars. Running on a number of popular channels multiple times per day, remnant advertising can help launch your business.

Cable/ Satellite Television

   Cable / Satellite Television Reach the widest audience possible by taking advantage of cable and satellite television. Whether your viewers get their TV from a cable in the wall or through a dish – satellite and cable are the two most widely used TV providers all across the nation/ State.

Types of Digital Advertising

Youtube Ads

   Video has become a key component of our everyday lives. Start reaching one billion YouTube viewers monthly now with YouTube advertising. YouTube advertisements have been proven to be just as effective as TV advertising when it comes to building brand awareness for your business. By joining keyword targeting with interests, you can reach new audiences.

Streaming Video Ads

   Mobile devices and Bluetooth have changed the game regarding how we can view movies and TV. With video streaming services. With optimized advertising opportunities, you can reach new audiences using these streaming services.

Banner Ads

Most video or audio online ads come with the option to run banner ads. These are static image ads that pop up on the apps or streaming services as the consumer uses them. However, you can also buy banner ads on a bunch of different high-traffic websites. Reach the audience you want with targeted banner ads.

Cost Effective Advertising

  Over the years, ESSEE Digitals has built an extensive network of media vendors. We pride ourselves on those relationships and the great volume pricing we get from them. We pass these savings on to our clients so every business we work with can reap the benefits of bulk buying. Unlike our competitors, you do not get charged exorbitant prices for your advertising. We work hard to get you the most cost-effective advertising possible.

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